BSA Climbing Training

What: BSA Climbing Level I & II Training is a weekend event at the Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp Climbing Tower complex.
Where: Camp Trevor Rees-Jones, near Athens, TX

When: 7:00 pm, Friday, March 23, through 5:00 pm, Sunday, March 25.
Description: Attendance Friday evening through Sunday develops competency needed to qualify for BSA Level I and Level II Climbing Certification. Class starts Friday at 7:00 pm and will end by 5:00 p.m. Sunday. This course is for Scouters who want to learn how to rig the tower for unit climbing events and mature older Scouts (age 14 and older) who want to staff the tower at Winter Camp or Summer Camp or help with unit climbing events. You will learn how to belay, properly wear helmets and harnesses, tie climbing knots, rig a climb, and rig a releasable rappel. You will practice rigging the tower multiple times so you will be comfortable with the gear.
Registration: Via CampMaster

Climbing Training