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Advancement - Scouts BSA - Basic Information

The term "advancement" means "rank advancement" in Scouts BSA.  This can mean several things, depending on where a Scout is in his/her Scouting career:  

For each rank a Scout advances beyond the initial rank of Scout, he must demonstrate to his unit leader that he has lived by the ideals of the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout Motto, and Scout Slogan in his daily life.  He must undergo a Scoutmaster Conference.  He must also meet a Board of Review whose members are composed of the unit's Committee members; the purpose of this review is to discuss with the Scout his experiences during his recent rank advancement and to solicit input for improvement of the unit.  

For more detailed information on advancement to specific ranks, refer to the Scouts BSA Handbook.  

For more detailed information about Merit Badges, see this web page ==> here.  Note that this page also contains sites which reference rank advancement resources for Scout thru First Class in addition to MB information.  

For more detailed information on becoming an Eagle Scout, see this web page ==> here.