Requirement for Hazardous Weather Training

As of April 30, 2018, BSA now requires Hazardous Weather Training for all new direct-contact Adult Leaders. This is now a requirement to be "position-trained"! (Note: Existing Adult Leaders who are already "Trained" are grandfathered in, but are also strongly encouraged to take Hazardous Weather Training anyway!)

Which Adult Leader positions are considered direct-contact? Here is the list: 

  • Cubmaster (CM)
  • Den Leader (DL)
  • Webelos Den Leader (WL)
  • Tiger Den Leader (TL) 
  • Scoutmaster (SM) 
  • Assistant Scoutmaster (SA) 
  • Leader of 11-year-old Scouts - LDS (10) 
  • Crew Advisor (NL) 
  • Crew Associate Advisor (NA) 
  • Skipper (SK) 
  • Mate (MT)
  • Post Advisors (AA) 
  • Varsity Scout Coach (VC)
  • Assistant Varsity Scout Coach (VA) 

To take Hazardous Weather Training, do this: 

  • Go to
    • Login using your user ID and password
      • Register for a user ID and password if you do not already have one (and remember it "forever"!)
  • Navigate to the BSA Learn Center 
  • Select Course Catalog (near the top)
  • Enter SCO_800 in the search field to find this course
  • Locate the course SCO_800 Hazardous Weather Training
  • Select Launch Course to start the course
  • Complete the course and then ... 
  • Notify your unit that you are trained by emailing them the certificate for this course

For further information, see this link HERE. Note that the list of direct-contact positions accidentally omits all "assistant" positions, which should be included! 

Note: The course is now retitled Weather Smart Training