Western Horizon District Committee

Note: This article will be updated when the new District Committee assignments are made. Thank you for your patience. 

District Committee Chair: Tim Ritter
Vice-Chair: William Evans
Vice-Chair: Gary Scott
Vice-Chair for Technology:
Binu Joseph 

District Executive: Charlie Simmons

District Commissioner: Luis Martinez

Roundtable Commissioner for Boy Scouts: Terry Smith
Roundtable Commissioner for Cub Scouts: Kathy Whitgrove

District Activities Chair: Pam Peveto
Vice-chair for Activities: Clif Chamberlin

District Advancement Chair: Dave Adams
Vice-chair for Scouts BSA Advancement: Eric Shipp
Vice-chair for Cub Scout Advancement: Kathy Whitgrove
Vice-chair for Eagle Issues: Rufus Woody III

District Camping Chair: Rick Damuth

District Communications Chair: Shannon Roberts 

District Membership Chair: Melissa Schreiber

District OA Chair: Pete Parish 
     Youth OA Chapter Chief: Chris Zingerli 

District Health and Safety Chair: Michael Schreiber-O'Ward

District Training Chair: Blaine Whitgrove

District Webmaster: Rufus Woody III
Assistant Webmaster: Eric Truax
Assistant Webmaster: Chris Wilt

District Youth Protection Training Advocate: Rufus Woody III

District Members-At-Large: TBD 


Note: This article is under development; thank you for your patience.