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Scout Leadership Training

Scout leadership training comes in two flavors: 

  • General Training
    • Youth Protection Training (YPT) is required to register of Scouts who are Summer Camp/Winter Camp counselors! Your YPT certificate is good for 2 years from the date of course completion. It may be taken online or face-to-face. 
      • Online YPT is found HERE.
      • Face-to-Face (F2F) YPT is required in Texas for Scout camp counselors who attend (even for one day) long-term BSA camps (e.g., Day Camp, Summer Camp, or Winter Camp); online YPT is not valid at a long-term camp. 
        • F2F YPT is taught in Five Trails Districts at strategic times such as just prior to Day Camp/Summer Camp and just prior to Winter Camp. See the Five Trails District Calendar for F2F YPT offering schedules (and the Home page of this website, too). 
      • Venturing YPT training is required for all Scouts who will are Summer Camp/Winter Camp counselors at a co-ed camp; it contains additional training on protection for co-ed programs. It is available online at the link above.  
    • National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)
      • This advanced training course is taught at Camp James Ray in Circle Ten Council several times per year:
        - During the spring (hopefully during your school's spring break, but NOT guaranteed) 
        - Several sessions during the summer 
        - During the week between Christmas and New Years (at the same time as Winter Camp)
      • For information on NYLT sessions, click HERE
    • National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE
      • NAYLE is taught at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.
        • Need more details here ... !! 
  • Program-specific Training
    • Boy Scout Leadership Training
      • An excellent summary of leadership training for Scouts may be found HERE

Options for training include both online and face-to-face opportunities. 

  • Online training
    • Most online training is found HERE
  • Face-to-face opportunities are often run by ....
    • Units (Crews/Packs/Troops)
    • Districts (e.g., Five Trails District, but other Districts offer these courses, too)
    • Council 
    • National (e.g., NAYLE, National Camping School, National Aquatics School, etc.)  

Circle Ten Council Youth Training News

  • For the latest news about Circle Ten Council Youth Training news, click HERE