Cub Scouts

Cub Scouting

Cub Scouts is a national program that attracts boys* who are in kindergarten thru fifth (5th) grade (after which they should cross-over into Boy Scouts). Cub Scouts is a program led by BSA-registered Adult Leaders. For more information about Cub Scouts see the website. 

Cub Scouts participate in activities that lead towards achievement, recognition, and rank advancement based on their age-group/school-grade. Cub Scout units are organized into Packs; Packs are organized into Dens based on age-group/school-grade: 

  • Kindergarten: Lion Den 
  • 1st Grade: Tiger Den
  • 2nd Grade: Wolf Den 
  • 3rd Grade: Bear Den
  • 4th Grade: Webelos Den
  • 5th Grade: Arrow-of-Light Den (crossing-over to Boy Scouts in the spring) 

See Cub Scouting Adventures for more detailed information about opportunities at each rank level. 

Regardless of age group, before any other recognition takes place, a youth is required to earn the Bobcat badge. See The Advancement Trail for more information about the Bobcat (and the following) rank(s).   

Adult Leaders are men and women who are age 18 or older who have completed a BSA Adult Leader Application, have passed a strict background check, have passed a course in Youth Protection Training (YPT), and (depending on the Adult Leader's position) undergone additional training courses to learn how to perform the duties for which they are responsible. 


*Note: Recently, BSA announced its intention to admit girls to Cub Scout Packs beginning in the fall of 2018.