Merit Badges

Merit Badge Counselors

The Western Horizon District Advancement Committee maintains a list of MB Counselors.

If you are a Scoutmaster and need assistance finding MB Counselors for particular MBs, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Scouts BSA Advancement - Merit Badges

Merit Badges are earned by a Scout when he:

  • Registers for a Merit Badge (MB) 
    • Using what is known as a "blue card"
      • Filled out by the Scout 
      • Signed by the Scoutmaster
      • Used to track progress in the MB 
    • Find a BSA-registered MB Counselor to work with
      • Names of MB Counselors provided by the Scoutmaster 
  • Usually purchases a MB pamphlet (not required, but VERY useful)
  • Often prints out the MB workbook provided at the USSSP link below 
  • Performs the work to earn the MB
  • Has the MB Counselor sign the "blue card" 
  • Has the Scoutmaster sign the "blue card" 
  • Turns the "blue card" in to his Troop's advancement for processing
  • Is awarded the MB at the next Court of Honor (CoH)


For official MB information, click ===>> Official BSA Merit Badge Information.  

Additional resources are available at several independent sources, including:  

You will also notice that these links often contain other advancement information as well as Merit Badge resources.