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BSA News 

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Effective February 1, 2019, the program formerly known as Boy Scouts is renamed Scouts BSA and is now open to girls in addition to boys. 

There is an interesting interview with BSA's Chief Scout Executive on the planned addition of girls to the Cub Scout program, in the fall of 2018, and to the Boy Scout program (in 2019), HERE.  

CBS Sunday Morning recently had a special segment about BSA with significant content on girls joining our organization. Click HERE to see an article about that program and a video link that allows you to watch that segment. 

For a great BLOG article on girls in Cub Scouts (by Scouting Magazine's Bryan Wendell), click HERE

For BSA's Family Scouting page, click HERE

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For an article from ScoutingWire that talks about thousands of girls joining Cub Scouts, click HERE.

For a great article about Pinewood Derby motivating girls about Cub Scouts, click HERE.