Eagle Scout

Eagle Candidates: Read This Roadmap First!

There are several requirements to become an Eagle Scout, the first of which is to become a Life Scout! After that, the Eagle candidate is required to

  • Complete a total of a minimum of 21 Merit Badges
    • 13 of which are required
      • 3 of which have alternatives
  • Complete an Eagle Scout Service Project of service to "the community". 
    • This project MUST be documented using the latest version of BSA's Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (see the articles below). 
    • Prior review and approval of the project by Western Horizon District is required before the project is begun.
      • Prior review and approval by Western Horizon District is required for any fundraising required before fundraising activities are begun
  • Serve in one (or more) approved leadership position(s) for a total of six months after becoming a Life Scout. 
    • The list of approved leadership positions is specified on P2 of the Eagle Scout Rank Application (see below). 
    • This may be accomplished via one or more (non-concurrent) leadership positions 
  • Have a Scoutmaster conference
  • Complete the latest version of BSA's Eagle Scout Rank Application (see the article below).
  • Successfully complete an Eagle Scout Board of Review
    • There are two extra documents required for this Board of Review
      • They are specified on P2 of the Eagle Scout Rank Application (see below)
    • This Eagle Board of Review will be conducted by the Western Horizon District, not the Scout's Troop
  • All of these requirements EXCEPT the Eagle Board of Review MUST be completed BEFORE the Scout's 18th birthday*.
    *Note: On October 1, 2018, BSA's national office issued strict exceptions for Scouts who are already 16 joining Scouts BSA for the first time on/after February 1, 2019, to give them ample time to earn Eagle Scout. To read about this exception, click HERE

This all sounds complicated, but it really is not quite as daunting as it might sound. In order to make it easier, there are several articles on the Western Horizon District website that help a Scout along the journey from Life Scout to Eagle candidate to Eagle Scout. Some of these articles are necessarily lengthy and detailed. This item lists those article so that an Eagle candidate will have a list of what items he should be sure to read -- i.e., a "roadmap". Each item below is a click-able link that will take you directly to that article. 

  1. Eagle Scout Project Ideas
  2. Eagle Project Workbook "Rules"
  3. Getting Ready for Eagle Project Approval
  4. Requesting a District Eagle Scout Service Project Review
  5. Eagle Scout Rank Application
  6. Your Eagle Scout Scoutmaster Conference
  7. Steps to Get Ready for an Eagle Board of Review
  8. After Your Eagle Board of Review
  9. Are You Ready for Your Eagle Scout Ceremony?